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Lockdown lightness: 10 gifts the internet has given us this year

By October 28, 2020November 1st, 2020No Comments

Just when you think the internet has generated its funniest, most ridiculous meme, it lobs another winner up. We’re grateful, at this point, for any and all levity that we can locate on the dread-filled web, so here are ten of this year’s best internet moments…


1. Kim Kardashian’s private island 40th birthday

Never has something become so instantly memefied than this – now iconic – tweet from Mrs Kardashian West herself.

Soon, there were thousands of tweets aping the text exactly, but interchanging the imagery to hilarious effect.

2. The Reese Witherspoon challenge

The ever-expressive actress illustrated perfectly the naive hope we all started the year with, and chronicled the world’s mood falling off a cliff sometime around mid-March.


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3. What is cake?

2020 saw us question everything. But mostly, we were asking… What is cake? Are we cake? Are you cake?! Hyper-realistic cakes, pertaining to be almost anything else you can imagine, brought some much needed 2020 style wonderment.


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4. Cancelling plans is OK

While we couldn’t locate the originator of this trend, it began with a short list of things that someone, somewhere on the internet would like you to know are OKAY. This from William Yu shows just how far the original veered. The only requisites? The cancelling of plans and the ‘do what you need to do to cope’.

5. Mike Pence and the fly

SURE, we should’ve all been focusing on the US vice president’s debating skills, given that the results of the upcoming presidential election may have some bearing on the lives of people worldwide, but alas… A fly landed on Mike Pence’s head and that is ALL anyone could talk about.

6. Nature is healing, WE are the virus

The world is in smids, sure. But the internet’s reaction to the idea of nature healing shows that sometimes, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. We can laugh at things and still take them seriously. Mark Lee‘s iteration was one of the best.

7. My plans…….        2020.

Reality quite often destroys our best laid plans. 2020 is, so far, a special kind of reality. There are literally thousands of these floating around, but these are some of our faves.

8. Zoom, you chase the day away…

Zoom memes were a source of MUCH laughter this year, once the entire world simultaneously discovered what Zoom was, of course.

9. Choose your quarantine house

Imagining an alternate universe where you weren’t locked down with your roommate who doesn’t flush the toilet, or your overbearing parents, or you alone with your own thoughts, was a much availed of pastime in 2020. Of course, brands hopped on the bandwagon and quickly ruined the craic. But we enjoyed it for a while.

10. Meteor/Meatier confusion

An Oscar to this girl, she deserves a little gold statue for this dual performance and for giving us one of the most copied and most hilarious memes of the year.

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