Issue #17

“Not me, I can’t die. Someone else. I’m the lead role. Pick someone else, but not them either.”

Tracing lines

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“I see his awful, sad, pain-filled life and it breaks me. It is an indescribable pain to know that your child is living such a horrific existence and causing harm wherever he goes. How could it not be – even partially – my fault? I’m his mother and that’s where blame goes isn’t it?” A mother writes anonymously about how a beloved son became a violent adult.

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The third shift

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Both in the home and in the workplace pre-pandemic, women were suffering due to a work and domestic gender gap. Now, with so much paid work and all childcare all happening in the home, Liadán Hynes speaks to a number of women about the widening domestic gender gap created by Covid-19…

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Issue #14

“Should you want to partake in some downstairs self-care, by all means do. But don’t feel like you HAVE to.”