70s Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

house Lisa Apr 1, 2024

Step into the time machine and get ready to boogie down like it's the 1970s! Whether you're heading to a themed party, attending a disco night, or just looking to add some retro flair to your wardrobe, we've got you covered with a groovy selection of 70s fancy dress costume ideas. From disco divas to flower power hippies, these iconic looks are sure to turn heads and transport you back to the heyday of disco, peace, and love.

Disco Diva: Channel your inner dancing queen with a dazzling disco diva costume inspired by the glitz and glamour of Studio 54. Think sparkly sequined dresses, platform heels, and dramatic bell-bottom pants. Add oversized sunglasses, a faux fur coat, and plenty of glittery accessories to complete the look. Don't forget to tease your hair and perfect your disco dance moves for maximum impact on the dance floor!

Funky Hippie: Embrace peace, love, and flower power with a funky hippie costume straight out of the 1970s counterculture movement. Layer on the tie-dye shirts, fringed vests, and patchwork bell-bottoms for a laid-back bohemian vibe. Accessorize with round sunglasses, peace sign jewelry, and a flower crown made of daisies. Complete your look with sandals or suede boots and let your inner flower child shine.

disco dude

Disco Dude: Guys, it's time to suit up in your slickest disco attire and hit the dance floor in style. Opt for wide-collared shirts, polyester leisure suits, and flared trousers in bold colors and funky patterns. Don't forget to accessorize with gold chains, aviator sunglasses, and a flashy disco belt buckle. Finish off your look with platform shoes or funky sneakers and get ready to strut your stuff under the disco ball.

Glam Rock Star: Unleash your inner rock god with a glam rock star costume inspired by iconic 70s musicians like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Think metallic jumpsuits, glittery makeup, and sky-high platform boots. Get creative with colorful wigs, sequined blazers, and statement accessories like studded belts and leather cuffs. Strike a pose and rock out like a true superstar at your next fancy dress party.

Retro Roller Girl: Take a trip back to the roller disco era with a retro roller girl costume that's sure to turn heads. Start with a colorful leotard or crop top paired with high-waisted shorts or a skater skirt. Layer on knee-high socks or fishnet stockings and lace-up roller skates for that authentic 70s roller disco vibe. Finish off your look with funky accessories like wristbands, headbands, and rainbow-colored pom-poms for a touch of retro fun.

Vintage Lounge Lizard: For a more laid-back 70s look, channel the suave sophistication of a vintage lounge lizard. Think velvet blazers, silk shirts, and wide-legged trousers in rich jewel tones like emerald green or deep burgundy. Add a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and a slicked-back hairstyle for a touch of old-school charm. Don't forget to bring along a retro cocktail and lounge in style like a true 70s playboy.

Disco Inferno Couple: Grab your partner and hit the dance floor in matching disco inferno costumes that'll set the night on fire. For her, a sequined disco dress or jumpsuit paired with platform heels and statement jewelry. For him, a flashy disco shirt, bell-bottom pants, and retro sunglasses. Coordinate your outfits with matching colors or complementary patterns for a coordinated disco duo look that's sure to steal the spotlight.

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