It was not an act of protest, but a lack of energy.






I was wrong about… the internet 

November 27, 2022
THE COLUMN   Clare Egan reflects on an era of online feminist writing  I don't want to be that sad, old millennial complaining that the internet isn't as good as…

Twitter: The best of us and the worst of us

November 27, 2022
THE ESSAY   Aoife Martin reflects on the role Twitter played in her life, what she'll miss and what she'll gladly say farewell to... Like everyone else I have been…

Listen, watch, read: The best content to see you through till Christmas

November 20, 2022
THE REVIEW   Podcasts, TV shows and books team rogue recommend PODCASTS Land of the Giants: The Meta / Facebook distruption  Released earlier this year, season 4 of The Land…

When knowledge is only the illusion of power: why the internet is ruining our relationship with food

November 20, 2022
THE ESSAY   Food writer Jocelyn Doyle is putting her head firmly in the sand — and is all the happier for it Do you remember that scene in Sex…
CultureFirst person

A Day in the Life: “I find being on the farm very therapeutic.”

November 20, 2022
A DAY IN THE LIFE   Liadán Hynes talks to farmer, QC lab analyst and agri-influencer Sophie Bell My name is Sophie Bell, and I’m twenty-four years old. I’m from…

“He continues to demonstrate his ability to take real life to the heart of anyone prepared to listen.”

November 13, 2022
THE ESSAY   Lynn Ruane on Bob Dylan The first time I heard a Bob Dylan song, I was 12 years old. In between American rap, Bob Marley and UB40,…

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Social Masking: Why you’re hiding your true self in public — and how to stop

November 13, 2022
THE ARTICLE   Victoria Stokes looks at the variations that come with being 'yourself', and how to unveil the reality of who you are with confidence ‘Just be yourself’. You’ve…

EXTRACT: Sweet Therapy – The joy of baking by Una Leonard

November 13, 2022
THE EXTRACT   Our extract this week is from the book Sweet Therapy: The Joy of Baking. Bakery owner and author Una Leonard shares her unique story of how baking…
Current affairs

“Gwyneth has made so much money out of intuiting our insecurities it has now become her full time career.”

November 6, 2022
THE REVIEW   Jenn Gannon on Gwyneth, our first and greatest influencer, at fifty What else did we expect from the high priestess of GOOP than to dip herself in…

How to feel better; Moving home. “It was strange, but nice.”

November 6, 2022
THE ARTICLE   Liadán Hynes talks to Dawn Nolan about moving back to the town where she grew up “I suppose I moved because I wanted to have time to…

Anon: I hardly ever orgasm

November 6, 2022
THE ESSAY An anonymous writer opens up about her lack of orgasm, how our understanding of female pleasure could be improved, and how shockingly common the issue is I rarely…

Why a carvery dinner is a force for good

October 30, 2022
THE ESSAY   Esther O’Moore Donohoe on the comfort of a roast, and her new podcast with Emer McLysaght The clocks went back at two o’clock this morning and at…

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Instagram made me pregnant

December 18, 2021
Annajoy O’Gorman writes about when IVF doesn’t work, confronting the possibility of a childless future, and how Instagram provided the answer... Instagram has been around for ten years and I’ve…
FictionFirst personFree Reads

BACK OF THE LINE #1: At some point, people stop waiting

May 28, 2021
Back of the line is a new series of stories, written by our columnist Senator Lynn Ruane, from the back of the line... "People who need support the most are…
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Lucky to be here: Sexism, assault and cover-ups in Irish media

May 23, 2021
Cassie Delaney​ investigates the Irish media industry and reveals a culture of sexism, assault and cover-up... Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, there was a period of over…


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“In the afternoon small groups were seen entering buildings and marking doors of Palestinian families with a red marker.” 

May 23, 2021
Haifa based writer khulud khamis describes what the last two weeks have been like for the Palestinians of her city, her fears of returning to the status quo, and hope…
Current affairsFree Reads

“An entire generation has grown up isolated from the world.”

May 22, 2021
Yara Alagha on the situation in Palestine; the importance of language, Israeli settler colonialism and ways we can help the cause. For many families who returned to their homes in…