Instagram made me pregnant

Annajoy O’Gorman writes about when IVF doesn’t work, confronting the possibility of a childless future, and how Instagram provided the answer…

See thy neighbour: A story of loneliness

Fiona Hyde writes about loneliness, and being unmoored in your own life…

Cold comfort: Sea swimming, as told by Natalie B Coleman and Jeanne Ní Áinle

Natalie B Coleman on sea swimming and finding your tribe in a pandemic, accompanied by a photo story by Jeanne Nicole Ní Áinle. Words by Liadán Hynes.

Dublin, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

Since March, Fionnuala Jones has been working from home in Dublin but as rent prices keep climbing, she weighs up the pros and cons of staying put or moving back to her home county of Cork…

Ten microaggressions in the workplace

Dr Ebun Joseph outlines microaggressions experienced in the workplace. An audio version of this article is available below and on our Life is Shorts feed.