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Sourdough with figs and pancetta: The perfect brunch recipe

By November 14, 2020No Comments
Chef Emma McGahern is back with a completely indulgent and delicious Sunday afternoon brunch treat…
Because Sundays are for indulgence and sourdough! This might seem like it’s too complicated for a lazy Sunday, but it is the perfect amount of effort and taste and just takes one pan! I used Corleggy young raw goats milk cheese, but a ricotta or a stronger goat’s cheese would also work well. Also, to make it veggie just leave out the pancetta.


4 slices of sourdough bread
4 shallots finely sliced – red and yellow onion also work perfectly
Knob of butter
2 tsp Brown sugar
6 pancetta/streaky bacon slices
8 figs cut in half
3 tsp honey or maple syrup
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
Corleggy young raw goats milk cheese (or ricotta or strong goats cheese)


  • First up is a super quick caramelised onion – take your pan on a medium heat and add in a knob of butter
  • Once it starts to froth and begins to turn brown add in your sliced onion, 2 tsp of sugar (I used brown but white works well), salt and pepper
  • Make sure the onions are coated with the butter, turn down the heat to medium/low and put a lid on for 1-2 minutes
  • Remove the lid and add a splash of water and continue to cook for another 6-8 minutes
  • The longer you cook the onions on a low heat the richer the colour becomes. (What colour/consistency are the onions when cooked – how do you know they are ready to be removed)

  • Once cooked remove from the pan and set aside
  • Return the pan to a medium heat and add 6 pieces pancetta or streaky bacon – cook till crispy
  • Remove from the pan but leave the residual fat, add in the honey then your figs
  • Allow them to cook for approx. 4-6 minutes till soft – coating with the frothy honey / fat mixture every few minutes
  • Once cooked remove the figs from the pan and add in the vinegar and cook for another minute
  • To assemble toast your sourdough, cover with caramelised onion, pancetta, cheese, topped fig and drizzle the syrup and enjoy!
This should make enough for two hungry people – ENJOY!