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10 hopeful, heartwarming things that happened in 2020

By December 19, 2020No Comments

It’d be absolutely fair to assume 2020 was a total and utter sh*tshow. In many ways, for so many people, it was. But nothing is ALL bad, right? Here are ten good news stories that helped take the edge off the worst year of most of our lives…

1. An Post delivering for free to care homes and nursing homes

A small gesture from our national postal service that undoubtedly made a huge impact on the lives of the residents of care homes up and down the country.

An Post said: “Recognising the increased restrictions in nursing homes across the country and to bring a little joy, An Post will ensure free delivery of all card and letter mail posted to and from residents of Nursing and Care homes in the State until January 31, 2021.

By writing FREEPOST where the stamp would normally be affixed, An Post will carry cards, letters large envelopes and packets weighing up to 2KG without a postage stamp.”

2. This little lad that was looking at a VERY busy day…

Hedge strimming, car collecting, tiling… The list of chores is seemingly endless, but Darragh from Co Tyrone appeared to be taking it all in his stride.

3. This perfectly timed picture

It reminds us of the brilliant National Lottery ad from a few years back.

4. A teeny tiny possum species is rediscovered

On Kangaroo Island in Australia, bush fires wiped out a huge area of animal habitat. It was feared this particularly adorable species was lost, but they were found in the area again, giving hope that they’ll repopulate.

5. The US has its first ever woman in the White House…

…as Kamala Harris becomes Vice President this coming January.

6. Adam from the Late Late Toy Show chatting to astronaut Chris Hadfield

If the ‘A hug for you’ virtual embrace sign wasn’t enough to melt the coldest heart, NASA offering to welcome aspiring space enthusiast Adam and then Commander Chris Hadfield getting on Zoom to chat to him will do the job. What a generous gesture.

7. These Irish teens developed an amazing new app to help people with Dementia

The girls, who live in Drogheda, created an app that could help with the disorder. Their app, Memory Haven, beat out more than 1,500 submissions in an international tech competition. An incredible achievement.

8. The Northern Lights were visible from Ireland

It’s not often we get a chance to glimpse the Aurora Borealis, but with a super clear sky and an eye towards the north, back in September we were all glued to the sky to see the amazing colours.

9. The Den came back to save 2020

And that it did. Zig, Zag, Socky, Dustin and Ray D’Arcy… The whole crew were there and it was nothing short of magic. Nostalgia TV at its very best.

10. Santa is cleared for entry to Ireland

To reassure the nation’s children that Santa would be okay to travel in spite of international Covid-related restrictions, the Dáil heard Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney confirming that Santa’s travels have been deemed essential, allowing his visit to Ireland at Christmas.